Yellow and Gray

So what will my wedding colors be? This is probably one of those questions that either takes forever to figure out or you know in an instant. Personally I knew that I wanted yellow flowers. I took Floral Design last year and was teased quite a bit for choosing to work with yellow week after week, but there really are very few things in the world as happy and uplifting as yellow flowers. So I knew yellow would be one of my colors.
Then I saw this:
I really recommend clicking on the link because the picture did not come out nearly as big as I would like. It’s the first picture at the top that really took my breath away. Gray? Gray is not a wedding color! Yet I love the gray with the pink shoes and flowers and I began to wonder what it would look like to have gray with yellow shoes and flowers. So I turned to the interwebs to discover if such a thing was even possible, and lo!

So is it possible? Yes! Is it beautiful, sophisticated, and modern? Yes! Is it unique? Actually, no. The internet is overrun with pictures of beautiful yellow and gray weddings and apparently they’re quite the trend right now. Well (some) trends are popular for a reason and I absolutely love this color scheme. So when I tell people that one of my colors is gray I may get some raised eyebrows but I think when everything comes together it will be quite lovely.

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