Our Venues

So after deciding on a wedding in Blacksburg we did some online research into locations, but I really had a pretty good idea what I wanted from the beginning. There are some stunning venues in the New River Valley area but these are the ones that really fit for us as a couple.
This is the church Chris and I attend and we went through quite a few before we found one that we both liked. We spent an entire semester going to a different church every Sunday and we never agreed on anything! We didn’t even get close to an agreement until we found BUMC. It had everything we wanted: great pastors, a phenomenal music program, a very service driven congregation, and it is located on Church Street which makes Christopher very happy. It’s within walking distance of our apartments and it’s really a beautiful church.
This is Christopher’s fraternity house. That sentence alone was almost enough to scare me away from the whole idea. However, they are a very highly respected service fraternity in our area and their house is absolutely beautiful. It’s big enough for us to have a sit down meal for ~160 people with a band and dance floor and it has the added bonus of being sentimental to Chris and I. We went on our very first date to a party here and have been to countless more since.
Here we are at a winter formal back in 2008, I was hoping I’d have some good pictures of the manor but turns out I don’t. Everyone will just have to quiver in suspense until next July!
So there you have it. Our church is 5 minutes away from our reception venue and any hotel you could possibly want which is a huge plus. Both of our venues have been a big part of our relationship for the last couple years and it’s going to be a lot of fun to work with them to create a place for us to get married.

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