I know several other Virginia Tech couples getting married over the next year or so but so far Chris and I are the only ones I’m aware of getting hitched in Blacksburg. It seems to be super common to get married in the bride’s hometown and here are a couple reasons why that didn’t make sense to us.

1) I don’t have a “hometown” as much as many people do. I mix up where I say I’m from but really Sumter, SC probably has the biggest claim on my childhood, but I haven’t lived there for 6 years! Taking those 6 years I was in Cary, NC for 3 of them and in Blacksburg, VA for 3. Chris has much, much stronger ties to his hometown. He spent his entire life in Charlottesville, VA and up until 4 years ago had never lived anywhere else. Now Charlottesville is an absolutely beautiful town but it would have been difficult to plan a wedding there knowing nothing about it and c’mon, it’s a Wahoo town.
2) Both my family and Chris’s are pretty spread out. In a manner of speaking anywhere we choose was going to be a destination wedding. Knowing this just meant that we didn’t need to feel confined to certain areas so people wouldn’t have to travel.
3) Being from different places meant that if we chose one hometown over the other there would really be an imbalance. If it were in Cary more of my friends would be able to make it and everyone on his side would need to find hotels and rent cars and do all that without knowing the area.
So any of these things could be overcome if we really wanted to get married in one of our hometowns. Enter the second list: reasons to choose Blacksburg.
1) The obvious: this is where we met and fell in love.
2) This is where we live now so I’ll be able to talk to vendors and plan things throughout the school year without having to travel.
3) I freaking love Blacksburg! Chris and I attend what I swear is the most beautiful school in the world! The summers in Blacksburg are especially beautiful and it is a three day weekend so if anyone wants to explore the area there really isn’t a better time. We are both so excited to have all our family and friends together in a place that is so special to us.
4) These images really don’t do justice to how beautiful Blacksburg is:

Burruss Hall is our main administration building and where many concerts are hosted throughout the school year.

I guess there won’t be any Hokie football going on during the summer but I am very much interested in finding out what it would take to be allowed to take pictures inside the stadium…
The Cascades are a popular hiking and swimming spot. They’re 15 minutes away from campus and feature two hiking options: 2 miles rigorous or 2 miles very very mild. If you’re going anytime other then the summer be prepared for extreme cold, and even in the summer that water won’t be warm!
McAfee’s Knob is considered by some to be the most beautiful point along the Appalachian trail. There’s something like a 270 degree view and it’s breathtaking. It’s a little further at about a 40 minute drive and a 4 mile hike, but for the outdoorsy it’s definitely worth the time.
There’s so much more in Blacksburg that is picturesque and blog worthy but you’re just going to have to trust me that it’s a beautiful town and a wonderful place for a wedding!

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