Oh the Madness!


Well the wedding planning madness seems to have begun! I got back from New York this morning and was greeted with an inbox full of responses from wedding vendors. Just today I made appointments with a band, a caterer, and a bakery for cakes. I also have a photography meeting lined up! All of these will be the first meetings of their kind so hopefully they will help me know exactly what to look for and get a feel for the options available.

So with 11 months (to the day!) until the big day what’s on my to-do list?

1.) Continually be seeking out inspiration online or in magazines on all things weddings. Especially be looking out for cheap projects that I can do myself.

2.) Work on the wedding website. This needs to be up and running before we can send out save-the-dates and since so many people have to travel I’d like to have them sent out as soon as possible.

3.) Book hotel blocks. This needs to be on the website before save-the-dates go out.

4.) Prepare for meetings with caterers, bakers, and photographers. Have lists of questions ready as well as clear ideas what we do and don’t want.

The list could oh so certainly go on but this is really quite a lot already. My first meeting is Friday morning with a baker who will provide a sample plate of the flavors of cakes available. I thought everyone would jump at the opportunity to skip work to taste cakes but neither Chris nor my father want to. Weird. This is without a doubt the vendor meeting I’m most looking forward to, and even if I can’t have a Sylvia Weinstock cake or the $11,000 cake Chelsea Clinton had, at the very least I will get a small sample plate. Yum!

Sylvia Weinstock cake, all of those flowers are edible sugar flowers.

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