Cake Tasting!


Mmmm cake! So Friday was our very first meeting with a wedding vendor. Mom, MOH Lauren, and I went to Once In A Blue Moon Bakery in Cary and looked at, talked about, and tasted cakes. Blue Moon is our go-to place for cakes and they make some really delicious cakes in all kinds of flavors.

After we’d looked through picture books of cakes they have made we got to try some samples. I believe that if you start from about 1 o’clock and go clockwise you have: chocolate cake, white cake, yellow cake, hazelnut mousse, mandarin orange mousse, lemon mousse, raspberry mousse, chocolate-raspberry mousse, chocolate mousse, and strawberry mousse. The three in the middle are buttercream icing, almond-buttercream icing, and cream cheese frosting. They also brought out carrot cake with cream cheese frosting for us to try (that’s Chris’s favorite!)
Mom and I both LOVED the hazelnut mousse and all three of us were really jazzed about the chocolate-raspberry. The cream cheese frosting and the buttercream were really good too, and all three of us kind of agreed that the type of cake didn’t make much difference. I’m not sure if our ratios were just way off or what.
So when faced with all this wedding cake goodness how is one to choose just one flavor? Or even if you assume you can get a new flavor for each layer, how is one to choose? This tasting didn’t go over our favorite Blue Moon specialty: margarita, or our all time favorites: german chocolate, carrot cake, and devil’s food cake.
Solution: cake bar!

We can still have a small 2 tiered cake to cut but then we can have all our favorites on display around it. We’ll probably end up being able to choose 10 flavors or so, and although we might double up on some there will still be plenty of options for everyone! Hurrah cake!

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