… to our caterer!
My mother and I were in Blacksburg for a super brief 24 hours this weekend to meet with our caterer. We met with Angela from Professional Catering on a drizzly Saturday morning and hashed out all the concerns, questions, and worries we had.
Mom’s biggest concern was that for a sit-down dinner things would get bungled up: people’s orders would be mixed up, food would be cold by the time it made it to the last tables, etc. Angela wasn’t able to completely put this worry to bed but she was able to ensure us that there would be plenty of staff on hand to get the food out in a timely manner and that they cater many weddings and sit-down dinners and are very experienced with the process.
I’ve been to 6-7 events catered by Professional Catering with almost all of them taking place at our reception venue so I am confident that they are familiar with the space and experienced enough to bring everything together nicely.
We got to look at the silverware, china, table cloths, and overlays that we will get to choose from and that all looked good. I didn’t love any of the china options but they were nice enough. It seemed weird to me that they didn’t have a plain white option which would seem to be the most versatile and universal pleasing, but oh well.
While we were in Blacksburg we also got to do a little shopping (we purchased the paper for our Save-the-Dates!) and visit a salon Mom had found online. Elite Style Salon was only a couple minutes from my apartment, and although I had ensured Mom that we didn’t need to look into that yet I’m glad we did. Their mission statement is a verse from 1 Peter and their salon was packed with 3 different bridal parties. Their prices are significantly lower then others in the area but we were able to see first hand that they did great work and were super friendly. I’m going to make an appointment for a hair trial and if I like it (which I’m pretty confident I will) I’ll go ahead and book them! Now I just have to decide what I want my hair to look like. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Half-up, curly, flowers, and a lot longer then it is now. You may remember that a mere year ago this was me:
I love, love, loved this haircut but it’s coming back to bite me now that I’m trying to get married not even 2 years after it. So how am I going to stretch out my locks? Well for one I’m just counting on 2 years being long enough to get it to a good length but aside from that I plan to keep the ends trimmed to encourage growth. My mother has also prescribed that I take prenatal vitamins to encourage my hair to grow. After a quick google search I’ve found that many people do believe that prenatal vitamins can promote healthy hair and nails, and are perfectly healthy for non-pregnant women for short periods of time. Who knew?
So I have lots of time to decide how I want to wear my hair and hopefully plenty of time for it to grow. Right now it falls just below my collar bones. Although after this weekend even if I wear my hair in a pony tail, at least we’ll have food!

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