Something to Dance to


So life has been super fast paced recently and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. In the past week I moved back to Blacksburg, hung out for a cool 36 hours, and then headed off to the Eastern Shore of Maryland for a wedding with Chris’s family. I returned Sunday evening just in time to finalize my schedule and get myself to class Monday morning. Senior year has officially begun!

Know what else I’ve done in the last week? I’ve found a wedding band! Actually to be fair I found them weeks, months, years (not true) ago, but I have had my eye on them for awhile. I used to figure out what was in the area wedding-band wise. To be honest I was a little disappointed with the selection as it mostly consisted of punk rock bands that also happen to play weddings. As I’m not particularly interested in dancing to punked out versions of “Shout” I kept looking for a slightly more traditional wedding/variety band. I came across a couple bands that could have worked and emailed them for quotes before I stumbled upon ‘Timeless.’ I drooled over their videos and song lists for a little while before very nervously asking for a quote. Up until now I was only looking at 3 or 4 piece bands and Timeless had 8 pieces! The quote came back slightly higher then the others but at significantly less per piece, and I was really impressed with the speed at which my follow up emails were answered. (Sidenote: vendors who don’t respond to emails = the devil.)
So if I had already found the band what did I do this last week? Well I took Chris to go listen to them! Booking a band was definitely not something I was going to do without hearing the band and they just happened to be playing in High Point, NC at a public event on the exact day Chris and I were supposed to head back to school. High Point is almost half way to Blacksburg so we were able to stop for a couple hours with almost zero inconvenience. And we loved them! They’re very high energy and I’m hoping will be exactly what we need to turn my wedding into the epic dance party I would oh-so-love for it to be! It’s hard to ignore an 8-piece band! They have a sax, trumpet, and trombone so are able to really get a fun swing/dance/jazzy sound that I’m definitely looking forward to!
So far we have a church, a reception hall, a caterer, and a band! This very day Chris and I will be meeting with our hopefully officiant and we met with 2 photographers last week! We are well on the way to getting married! Stay tuned for information on the photography situation, it’ll will probably be posted the next time I’m in the library downloading software!

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