I’m supposed to be writing a paper but decided to take a quick break to bring ya’ll up-to-date on the wedding planning process.

-Booked venues
-Booked caterer
-Booked band
-Booked photographer
-Booked videographer
-Booked hair and makeup
-Save-the-Dates, I’m about 1/3 of the way through addressing them all and after that I’m just waiting on pictures to come in.
-Collecting items for centerpieces
-Mine and my bridesmaid’s dresses, this is my Mom’s project so I can’t take any credit for it. But they are definitely coming along.
-Website, this is mostly done I just need Chris to get it up and running.
-Hotel blocks, I’ve gotten bids from several hotels and I have one under contract and another I still need to decide on.
-Order shoes! The silly shoes I want are out-of-stock and I have no idea if they’ll be coming back!

-Find and book a florist
-Design invitations
-Start looking into rehearsal dinner things
Sure there are some things not on the list, but these are some big ones!

Want to see some of my finds from thrift shopping the other day? After posting about the things I needed I made a casual trip to our local YMCA thrift store and definitely hit the mother load.

The actual center pieces will have better ivy, this ivy was growing in Chris’s yard and was hard to work with in addition to having very small leaves. I’m also hoping to put all of this on top of a mirror to really play up the light from the candles reflecting off the vase and mirror. The real tough decision about all this is whether to have silver or white overlays on the table. There will definitely be floor length white table cloths, but do we want to double up on the white for the overlays or go silver? Initially I was worried that the silver would be too dark.
My total tally from the thrift store was: 3 centerpiece vases, 8 candle stick holders (for tall and short candles), 5 candy bar vases, 1 small silver picture frame, and 1 large silver picture frame. The overall damage? $12.

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  1. Looking nice. I don't know if you are plannning on having a long table of any sort, but with the dorm decorating sales you can get a cheap door mirror, and lay that out with the border painted yellow and place candles, little pebbles etc on top of it. Might work well for your cake tableI will keep my eyes open for your wish list! Keep me updated on how much of each thing you are still missing. Oxford is the home for yard sales, just went to one last weekend.ps. love the ivy 😉

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