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Flame on!


If you ask me the number one most dramatic decoration is a candle, actually a bunch of candles. I think they completely transform a room and scream elegance and romance. I’ve already written about my search for glass candle holders (by the way I’m no longer looking for silver ones, although I could probably find a place for any that happen to turn up!) and that search has been fairly successful so far. I’ve found that just about every goodwill, salvation army, and other thrift store in the area is well stocked in glass candle holders and I’ve stocked up on about 70 so far. For less (sometimes way less) than $0.50 a piece it’s also really rewarding to walk up to a counter with a basket full of things and watch it ring it at $8.00.

Today I ordered the candles to go with said candle holders. I ordered a lot of candles! 1004 to be exact. Here’s the breakdown:
-12 non-wedding decorations
-500 tealights
-144 tapers
-48 3×3 in pillars
-12 3×9 in pillars
-288 white votives
This is actually something I’m really excited about and I can’t wait for my candles to arrive!

There are two mantles at the reception site that are definitely going to have to look like this! Minus the Christmas wreath…


With 260 days until the day, I have mailed the save-the-dates! They are officially no longer in my grubby paws and I am very excited about that!
Save-the-dates serve a multitude of purposes:
1) Inform people when the wedding is, and if they’ll be invited. Now not everyone who will be invited got a save-the-date but all the big players (close family and friends) did.
2) Point people towards the wedding website (, where they can learn about the hotel booking choices and be kept up-to date leading up to the wedding.
3) Serve as a trial run for the invitations themselves. This way if I have an address for someone who hasn’t lived there in 10 years we’ll hopefully find out now and not when we send out the invitations and have deadlines for the RSVPs.
So as far as #3 goes, what did I learn from these save-the-dates?
For starters I learned that silver ink is not acceptable for return address stamps. You may look at this picture and think that these are simply the backs of my envelopes. They are in actuality the backs of my envelops with freshly stamped return addresses on each and everyone. I probably should have stopped after the first couple were obviously too light but you could read them at certain angles before they dried, so I kept right on rolling.

Here’s a close-up. You can see that it’s definitely there but probably not clear enough for the post-office to return anything if need be.

So this frustrated me but after going to 3 stores in Blacksburg I was able to find some black ink and:

I think this works better! Also, since I stamped right over the barely-there silver address there’s an overlay effect and it’s kind of sparkly.

The other thing I learned from the save-the-date process is that it takes a very, very long time. I should probably start my invitations right now.