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On Hitting the Thrifting Jackpot and Being Conceited


A couple of weekends ago I convinced 2 of my bridesmaids to go to the Roanoke flea market with me to expand my thrift store radius. (You can really only visit the thrift stores in a small town so often.) After going through the entire flea market we had pretty much despaired. Everything was priced as “antiques” and mere candle holders were going for $5-6. As the other girls were looking at some records I wandered down a side path I was pretty sure I had taken before and came upon a nice old lady stocking an entire bookshelf of glass knick-nacks. I asked her about the prices and at $0.50 a piece it was exactly what I was looking for! I ended up with almost everything shown in the below picture plus two crystal vases for centerpieces all for $25! Both the lady selling and I came out very happy from that transaction.

But we weren’t done! We had just enough time to hit up a nearby Goodwill and that proved to be awesome too! I filled in the rest of the picture shown above and scored some nice vases for centerpieces. The kicker here though was this beautiful jar shown below. It’s just screaming to be filled with hershey kisses and put smack dab in the middle of a candy bar! It also came with… fake lemons! If I were looking for fake lemons I would never have found them, but here they were! Just asking to be kept on display and used to judge how a vase will hold up as a centerpiece!So that’s how I hit the thrifting-jackpot. So how am I conceited you ask? Well one of the things on my wedding thrift store “to-hunt” list is lots and lots of picture frames. This one below was originally silver with blue trim and a hideous painting of a house in it. At first I thought I’d just ignore the blue trim but today I decided that it just wouldn’t work for the wedding and needed to be put to use right away. So I painted it black (with acrylic paint + nail polish) and inserted my favorite from our engagement pictures.
So that’s not so bad right? Well then I went on to create a shrine…

There is one picture of just Chris up there, perhaps cancelled out by the full length mirror also displayed in this picture. I apparently have some deep seated urge to constantly be looking at myself. But embracing this I do plan to do lots of framing after the wedding.* I really like having lots of pictures around and it’s not something we had much at my house growing up. We had pictures for sure, but not pictures of each family member lining the stair case or anything like that. With this discovery that I can paint frames I plan to use many of the excess frames I collect for the wedding to display Chris and I’s wedding pictures and gradually change out most of them for future-baby pictures. I have visions of bright red frames with black and white pictures in them. We’ll see how that turns out!
*”After the wedding” is something I say a lot these days, along with “after graduation.”