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For a long time I knew 2011 would be the year I graduated college. Now I know it to be the year that we will get married, start jobs (even if mine is at McDonalds, still waiting on one!), start our home together, and live independent post-grad lives. I’m beyond excited for the year to come but it seems a little surreal to enter into the year when so much will happen.

Chris and I have been a couple for 3 New Years, but this will be our 2nd spent on opposite sides of the Atlantic. I’m not superstitious but I wish we were starting out the year together. Instead of pouting though, I’ve just chosen to realize that this is the year in which we will start all our years together, and be happy with that.
Happy New Year!

Struggling over details that don't need to be decided for months…


I’ve found that certain aspects of wedding planning are more fun than others, tiny details can be consuming, and surprising things can cause dissent.

Chris for the most part begs to be left out of the wedding planning, but occasionally I’ll make my mind up about something, let him know, and then find out that he’s passionately against whatever I’ve selected.
One of the things I’ve always wanted as my processional song is the theme from Beauty and the Beast. I think I’ll always think it’s the most beautiful piano song ever, but as the time draws near I find it a little too cruel to have Chris referred to as a beast on his wedding day. I really think if not for the title it would be a perfect wedding processional though.
So my second choice is a classic much loved by many many brides. Pachelbel’s Canon in D is second in internet searches to Wagner’s Bridal Chorus, but in my experience is the number 1 go to processional song. I think it’s completely beautiful and it makes me want to cry a little every time I hear it. To me it’s pretty much perfect. Well, Chris hates it. HATES it. Since he plays the viola he has apparently played this song one too many times.
So what does he suggest? Prelude in C is nice and exactly the sort of thing I think we should play during the seating of the guests or maybe even the seating of the parents and grand-parents. For the bridal procession, however, I think it’s a little boring. Canon in D swells so nicely so everyone knows exactly when the bride is going to walk in, Prelude in C just doesn’t do that.
I certainly don’t want the music that announces me at my wedding to make Chris want to roll his eyes, but we’ve heard all the typical processional choices and can’t agree on one! We don’t have the option to stray too much from tradition as our church does not allow pop, secular, or pre-recorded music. What a to-do.
At least I know for sure what song I want for the recessional! It’s dynamic enough to last through the recession of the entire bridal party, the families, and the guests and it makes me really happy! I’m a little concerned that it may raise red flags as to the afore-mentioned pop/secular music category but I’m hoping it won’t be a problem.