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Honeymoon Plans!

We have officially booked our honeymoon and are very excited about it! We’ll be spending 2 nights each at 3 very dreamy locations!

We’re (I’m) especially excited for the spa at the Homestead!
The plan is to mosey from place to place every 2 days taking the Blue Ridge Parkway and some other scenic roads. Since the Homestead is a resort we’ll be staying on premises while we’re there, the Hotel Roanoke has a fancy smancy restaurant we’ll probably eat at one night, which leaves one night each in Christiansburg and Roanoke to find some place else to eat. Then we’ll wrap up the honeymoon with a nice dinner out in Raleigh the night we return! Should be a great time!


So now that 2011 is underway I need to look into some things I have been neglecting. According to my weddingwire check list I have 7 things off my to-do list that are officially “over-do.”

So the first order of business seems to be finding a florist. In order to do that I need to first decide exactly what I want as far as flowers are concerned, then I can set about meeting with
florists. So here is my list in order of priority:
1) I need a bouquet.
I’m not super picky about this but I’m leaning towards bouquets of just one flower. I think Lily of the Valley bouquets are very beautiful and so are Calla Lilies.

2) I need boutonnieres and corsages for the parents and grand-parents of the Bride and Groom.
Chris has opted out of wearing a boutonniere and so he and his groomsmen will wear pocket squares. That leaves us with 6 women and 5 men who needs flowers.
I especially like this top boutonniere but it is orchids so I suspect that I will go in a different direction because of cost.
3) I need flowers for the flower girls.
I haven’t talked to the church yet about scattering flower petals on the aisle so it’s possible the flower girls will just be carrying flowers. Regardless that one thing I really want them each to have are flower garlands for their hair. My favorite of the group is the last one but I also really like this first one, I would want the accent flowers changed to something yellow but I just love those big daisies!

4) I need flowers for my bridesmaids, decorations for the church, and decorations for the reception hall.
These may seem to be of strangely low importance but there’s a reason for that.
For the bridesmaids I want each of the to carry a single yellow rose. I think that will be beautiful and dramatic against their silver dresses and yellow shoes. So the reason this is of low importance is that if push comes to shove I can pick up 6 roses at the grocery store on the way to the church.
The church is decorated in red with all the walls being wooden. As such I don’t want any yellow flowers in the space and I don’t think lots of white flowers would work especially well either. What I do think would be beautiful is greenery. So I will be exploring my options for potted trees, potted grass, ivy, etc. with which to decorate the church. I probably won’t go through a florist for this one which is why it’s of low priority.
The reception hall will be decorated with lemons, ivy, and candles so once again I won’t be using a florist for this.
Here’s an example of a single yellow flower against the bridesmaid dresses. The light is bad and it isn’t a rose but you can get an idea of the effect.
So now that I seem to know pretty much what I want I need to find a couple florists to actually sit down and talk to about these things. Then from there I just need to book the ceremony musicians, invitations, and cake to be caught up on my to-do list. Whew.