A place to live!

Chris and I have an apartment! There was a mini-saga associated with this, nothing too intense. We went back and forth for a long time about what size we wanted, finally decided to go with the smallest to hopefully minimize the time spent renting, put in an application and deposit on the one we wanted, missed the one we wanted but waited on another identical one for a week, and finally got a third identical one different from either of the 2 we wanted today. Whew.
It really feels like things are starting to fall into place. We have 75 days until the wedding, less than a month until graduation, and job prospects are looking good on my end. It’s exciting to really know exactly where we’ll be starting our life together!

I’m fairly certain this is the size we ended up with. 535 square feet. This space will probably be a lot more awkward with our furniture since we’ll be bringing in our full dining room table. The hope is that we’ll still have space for a love seat.
There are 2 options for floor plans and I’m not sure which we’ve gotten, the only really difference seems to be the arrangement of the washer/dryer though. (Also, the washer/dryer fills me with great excitement. My apartment now has them on-premises but not having to use quarters or go outside still sounds awesome!

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