So close I can taste it


By that I’m referring, of course, to the date when I can finally mail our wedding invitations. They’ve been a labor of love, but also of burning hatred. My advice that I’d like to throw out into the world is this: don’t attempt to do your own wedding invitations unless you really really understand what you’re getting yourself into. More specific advice is this:

Use spray adhesive. I was hesitant. Surely it will make a huge mess, right? So instead I went the sticker route. I was really pleased with the results until I happened to realize how much it was costing me to keep buying refills for the sticker maker. In the eleventh hour I realized that I didn’t have the time to wait for the refills to come in so I went to Michael’s in search of an alternative. The stuff I got (Scotch Spray Mount Repositionable Adhesive) was $14 and with a 40% off coupon came out under $10. Each sticker cartridge had cost $14 and I used 9 of them to get through the first third. Ouch. This one bottle carried me through the last two-thirds. Yikes. Not only that but the results were better, it was less labor intensive, and all you have to do to prevent a mess is lay down a little newspaper. I’m a believer.
The invitations aren’t really done, but my golly they’re close. I ran out of materials so I’ll have to make a run tomorrow morning and hopefully have them in the mail by tomorrow afternoon, Friday at the latest. I love how they turned out but I can’t wait to be rid of them!

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