Well lots of people of people have been asking about the honeymoon and how everything else in our lives is going. We’ve mostly been too busy to give good detailed answers so we thought we’d do it here, as well as keep things generally up-to-date on our happenings.

The plan is to eventually move this blog over to the jessicaandchristopher.net site, but for the time being this is what we have.

So after our perfect-in-every-way-wedding we took the short drive to Christiansburg to stay at a B&B.

We had a private cottage on the premise and it was really nice. There was a a cute little koi pond outside and we had a private hot tub. We spent Sunday lounging around, had a nice dinner in town, and went to see Green Lantern.

Monday morning we headed to Roanoke where we checked into our hotel before heading to Lexington for our hot air balloon ride, which was unfortunately cancelled due to weather. We walked around their 4th of July fair for awhile eating cotton candy and lemonade before heading back to Roanoke in time for fireworks.

Tuesday we spent the morning doing chores (I know!) such as going to the bank, picking up essentials, etc. In the afternoon we visited the VA transportation museum (which was a huge hit with Chris) and in the evening we had dinner at the Hotel Roanoke’s restaurant. It was a special meal of VA food and wines and we both really enjoyed it.

Wednesday we packed up and headed to The Homestead via the Blue Ridge Parkway which was beautiful but very very windy. We stopped at the folk art museum in Clifton Forge and got to the Homestead right on time for me to chop all my hair off. The Homestead was amazing and we had the most wonderful time there. We went to the spa, ate at the fancy restaurants, went for a hike, ordered room service, and all-in-all had a very relaxing time.

So that’s the Reader’s Digest version of our honeymoon. More posts to come about our new apartment and new jobs!

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