New Apartment


So the first thing that created us when we got to our new apartment was a gigantic mess. A combination of things from my Blacksburg apartment that hadn’t been put away yet and all of our wedding presents and we could barely walk through the place. Just a week later though we’ve turned it into this:You can see that we’ve started a gallery wall and the plan is to do black frames mixed with unframed canvas. The fingerprint tree from our wedding is up and we absolutely love how it turned out.

You can still tell that it’s a work in progress. We’re hoping to get a couch at some point, although it’s not top priority right now, and we’ve affectionately named our collection of beach chairs “our couch” in the meantime.

In this picture we’ve got the table set for our very first dinner guest and you can tell that we were using our china and silver for tacos.
We love the apartment and it really feels like our home already. Small touches like the gallery wall and our collection of travel magnets (every time we go somewhere we bring a magnet back for the other, we also pick one up whenever we travel together) really bring everything together. We feel so blessed to have been so spoiled by all our wedding gifts! Especially in the kitchen it’s just night and day from cooking in college with all of our mismatched, beat-up, falling-apart kitchen tools.

Things are still coming together, things like finding out in the middle of a recipe that we don’t have a can opener or discovering that Chris thinks one clove of garlic is the whole cluster (we’re still making our way through those left overs!), but all-in-all we’re thrilled with our new apartment and hope that everyone will come visit us very soon!

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