On Location


So in high school my family lived 25 minutes away from Durham and I never spent any appreciable time here. My thoughts on Durham were that it was sketchy and to be avoided. Well apparently there is some sketch factor but people are working hard towards gentrification and I think they’re doing a stand up job.

Chris and I walked around downtown for the first time a few weeks ago when his mother was in town. Granted we walked around at lunch time on a Saturday but it’s an incredibly charming downtown area and if it weren’t for the many many empty buildings I would have assumed it was a thriving upscale metropolis. Everything is nice, clean, the whole industrial area has been restored, the ball park glitters, and most of the shops and restaurants are spiffy and beyond our price point at this point in our lives.

Another weekend we walked around and stumbled upon a pretty fun festival at a local brewery celebrating their one year anniversary. Our goal was to make friends but apparently we’re too shy and awkward, although one guy did try to pick me up. He said he was training his dog to be attracted to pretty women, when I started petting his dog he said he was only interested in training him to spot women without wedding rings and led him away.

It still has a ways to go since I would guess the commercial slots are at 25% capacity but I’m definitely rooting for downtown Durham and think it could be a great place for us. We have a pipe dream of restoring one of the beautiful historic homes downtown but that’s not an immediate goal so we’ll have to wait that one out!

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