Taming the Jungle Part II


We found a lot more trash today, including an old hubcap.

To give you an idea, yesterday we’d gotten just about a foot past the leaning wooden beams.

Since the dump isn’t open on Sundays we just left everything we pulled up in piles. Ideally I’ll come back tomorrow with Dad’s truck and take everything to the dump. We’ll see how time works out though.

Definitely the most exciting discovery was the pecan tree. Yesterday I though the leaves looked like pecan but today we found bunches of rotten pecans as we cleared under the tree. Jackpot. You can see Chris cleared the ivy to about shoulder height but he didn’t have the right tools to take out the trunk. Who knew ivy could get that thick? He stripped some of the bark in an attempt to kill it, and we’ll have to come back with a hatchet or axe.

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