Asbestos Free!


So after one week ownership and progress on the house the view I showed in the last post looks like this:

Progress? Well no, not from this view. However, if you go into the little door under the stairs you’ll find:

A crawlspace completely devoid of asbestos! There was a giant furnace here, coated in the stuff. You can kind of see the indent.

The backyard is coming along slowly but surely. After work today I dug for about an hour and 15 minutes in the 80 degree heat and I was completely wiped at the end. Chris and I walked downtown for dinner and I barely made it back.

In Durham news, anyone looking to start a new business can apply for a spot in the world’s smallest office! Located inside The Beyu Cafe (which I really like). That’s about all we know about it, so you should google it to find out more!

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