Catching Up 2: Green thumb


Our sweet neighbors welcomed us to the neighborhood with 2 blackberry bushes. I had told them months ago that I wanted to plant some and they remember, it really made us feel welcomed. So after several weeks of pulling things up I was excited to put some things in the ground, so Chris promptly planted one of them for me. Unfortunately when we started looking at how things were going to work when we graded the back yard we realized that we couldn’t work around anything (except gigantic trees) so I uprooted it and reassigned both of them to some pots. This will be temporary until we have a place to put them.

I also grabbed some mint and petunias to keep them company. Eventually I’ll replace the blackberries with something (maybe rosemary in one and something flowering in the other?) and I’ll keep them in clusters by the front door.

We’ll have to wait and see how much interest I retain in gardening, because I have rather grand aspirations for the landscaping at this house.

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