Chris’s June Picture Backlog


A preview of what our dining room may look like down the road.

The hole dug for the foundation footing.

One of several holes dug for the drop girder piers.

Here’s me in the drop girder pier hole to give a sense of proportion.

This is the furthest back pier on the left hand side after the cement was poured into the hole and the masons installed the cinder blocks.

A small rainbow I caught a picture of while heading South on N Elizabeth St at the intersection with East Main Street where Elizabeth turns into Fayetteville Rd.

I took this picture looking northeast onto the intersection of S Mangum St and E Chapel Hill St from the roof of the parking garage.

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    • The last two pictures are of Durham, both within a couple blocks of the house, and the very last one was taken from the top of a parking Garage. I’ve gone and added some captions that I left out of the initial post from my phone.

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