I blame my lack of posts lately on a combination of working too much and just desperately holding on for something that looks like progress. This is what I have:


That’s right, more pieces of the house are missing! It’s critical and we’ll be so glad we had all this foundation stuff done, but it’s really not glamorous at all, and I’m impatient for something that looks like the pictures I see on Pinterest. (So far to go!)



Something that will look like a progress very soon though, we have windows again! No they’re not installed yet, but they very soon will be! Image

You can also definitely tell that work is being done on the lead based paint, but it kind of has the effect of making the house look splotchy. All in the name of keeping our children’s IQ where God intended it to be! Also, the very dark paint on the window sills is just primer. I have confirmed this multiple times with the general contractor and the painter and it still stresses me out to see that color on our house. It is true that we’ll be going darker: navy blue with white trim and a bright yellow door. Not sold on that combo? Check out Image

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