So I was posting about the backyard for awhile but haven’t update anyone on it lately. Basically by the time I got a decent chunk cleared out the sections I had already did had grown back up. This completely killed my motivation to continue so I left it alone for a few weeks. Ultimately we decided that the little saplings were stronger then we were. Our new plan is to cover the entire backyard with a tarp and cook everything living for the summer. Then in the fall we’ll rake everything up and put down sod, which will hopefully choke out everything that survives. I used 2000 sq. ft of tarp and missed 3/4 of the perimeter so I’ll have to buy more tarp and return tomorrow. I’m not 100% confident this will work but we’re going to give it the old college try.


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    • Hi Chris and Jessica, Congrats on your new home and adventures with your projects. We certainly started with the same 35 years ago yesterday. (Happy anniversary today to you two). We’ll keep watching and laughing, crying and wondering “what did we buy” with you?! We’ll share stories and pictures some day. Love Aunt Cindy and Uncle Tim

  1. It depends on what types of small grasses and plants you have. In our garden I have 3mil plastic under the raised beds and then 2-3 inches of mulch. We still have grass growing under and through the plastic and mulch. It can be quite frustrating.

    Sheldon has helped a few neighbors get a lawn or grass where there were just weeds previously!

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