A flurry of updates 1


Since I’ve been so slack about posting (honestly I always think about posting but never actually do- I blame the fact that my iphone app isn’t very good.)

So we went by the house one day to find the beginnings of a foundation had been put in place. This was about a week ago and was very exciting (warning: we’re at a stage where everyday something exciting is happening!)

So then we go by the house 2 days later…

Can you see it? There is a layer of bricks sitting on the cinderblock that wasn’t there in the first 2 pictures. They raised the house 3 inches on this side. Chris is posing to show how level the support beam under the door is, unfortunately my camera was not level so it doesn’t look good at all. In person it’s looks quite level and is a huge improvement over the slant we had before!

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