Flurry of updates part 4


Monday Chris and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary. Since we’ve been moving around a lot/ homeless eating out has sort of lost it’s appeal so we decided to have our first nice dinner celebration at the house.

The first requirement was a fan which you can see Chris putting together. After that we had: champagne, raspberry lemonade, water, strawberry-spinach salad, sourdough bread, fancy salami, super fancy cheese (from http://www.reliablecheese.com/), blackberries, strawberries, and then our 1 year anniversary cake from Blue Moon (http://www.bluemoonbakery.com/home.php). The cake was free since we got out wedding cake there, and was a smaller version of the layer we cut into: chocolate cake with chocolate raspberry mouse and vanilla buttercream. Their cakes are amazing and we only got the one bite each at the wedding so this was really great!

It was a very nice anniversary! We also did a photoshoot, sort of like another set of engagement pictures, so those pictures will be posted here eventually but you can currently see some of them here: Amy Allen’s Facebook.

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