Anniversary Photo Shoot


2 years ago Chris and I took engagement photos and 1 year ago we took wedding pictures. Noah Magnifico ( took both these pictures.



It seemed like a shame to break our picture-taking streak so Chris and I had a photoshoot with Amy Allen ( for our 1 year anniversary. I love the idea of doing one of these every year so we can look back through the years. My stipulation would have to be that it would be possible to place the pictures in time based on ___________. So our engagement pictures should be easily placeable since I had an engagement ring but no wedding band and we were in Blacksburg, our wedding pictures should be easily placeable because of every single thing in them (wedding dress and suit, fancy hair, flowers, makeup, fake eyelashes, etc.), and this year’s pictures should be easy to place because of the house. Once we have kids their ages will help place the years as well.


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