This week’s progress



This last weekend was amazingly productive for us. What with finishing up the bathroom tile/paint on Saturday and painting the side door and foyer on Sunday, we were quite content to sit down, watch TV, and pat ourselves on the back.


Monday night we continued our productive streak by picking up a fridge (free!) from a house that was about to be bulldozed. Mom came out to help us load it and then Chris unloaded it single handedly. It’s a nice KitchenAid with stainless steel doors and an ice maker which we may or may not get to work. Even more exciting then our new fridge was to come home in the dark, squint at the house, and say “PRIMER!” We no longer live in a naked house! YAY! This means paint is only just around the corner and paint is really going to bring this old house to a whole new level. 🙂

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