Friday was our final inspection with the bank which wrapped up all the work from our original workwrite up. The contractors just have to make a couple little changes and send pictures and then they’ll be done. We will, of course, be a long way from done. However, looking forward the work seems a lot less like jacking up the house and a lot more like cosmetic changes and updates. We’ll still hire out work from time to time, but for now we’re looking forward to working to our own schedule.


We did have lots of little projects to finish this week, including finishing the floors, finish painting the foyer, painting the entrance way to the second floor, putting a threshold into the bathroom, etc. We did a lot of work this week and were very pleased to pass the inspection.


Saturday we celebrated by doing nothing 🙂 Nothing with the house that is. We actually went to Bible study, checked out 2 downtown bike shops before buying Chris a new bike, cleaned a bit, Chris went to a *Space meetup, had my family (including Rane) over, and went to eat food trucks with everyone plus Mary Kyle. It was a pretty good day!


Chris taking his new bike to church. We’re going to keep it inside, in our bedroom actually, and I have lots of ideas on how to make a little spot for it.

The foyer! Walls painted and some furniture/ decorations starting! and… what’s that in the back room? A BED? We totally slept on it last night and it was a 800% improvement to the pull out couch!


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