Monthly Archives: October 2012

More Updates


Since we finished up with the work write up that went through the bank things have slowed down significantly. We do have a couple big projects we’re looking to take on, it’s just a matter of designating the time and going for it. Here are some of the smaller tasks we’re tackling these days…

Mums on the front porch. They’ll be purple when they bloom.

Changing all the locks on the house. There were A LOT of people with keys to this house so this is pretty great and has the added bonus of pairing down my key ring.

Transplating my black raspberries out of the container they lived in this summer. They’re looking a bit floppy but they bend over and plant shoots, so I think they’re OK.

Plant azaleas on the side and mulch (but not enough since we ran out). Chris’s Dad also installed the light fixture you see, which is a motion detector which is only active at night. While he was in town he also got our motion activated flood lights out back to work and wired an outlet for our washing machine so we don’t have to use an extension cord anymore.

Plant 3 dwarf gardenias up front. The azaleas and the gardenias are white and will be completely beautiful when they grow a bit.

Gardenias, once again we ran out of mulch. Chris also put Rye grass seed down in the front yard. Apparently it will help prepare the soil for us to put down sod in the spring.

Mary Kyle and Annie came over to work on Pinterest projects and I made my giant sheet music wall hanging. It’s “Autumn” from Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons.” I also made one for winter, so I should be set for 6 months. We need to get all the screens out of the hallway, I think we’re going to donate them to the Habitat Restore here in Durham. The foyer is my favorite room so I’m trying to come up with the exact right things to put in there.