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We’ll be adding 2 feet to the house in September! We found out Friday that it will be a bouncing baby girl! This will be the first time I will have lived in a family household with majority women since I was 14 months old, and Chris has never been outnumbered before!


This is good news for everyone who thought we were stalling on house updates, because now we have A LOT to do and a deadline! As soon as we get the windows finished upstairs we’re going to start some projects up there: creating a master bedroom, nursery, and guest bedroom out of 2 blank-slate rooms and a kitchen and getting the upstairs bathroom into working order.

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  1. Congratulations Jessica & Chris!! That’s such exciting news and may the baby girl bring you immense happiness with lots of fun projects in the mean time!
    ~ Meredith

  2. Congrats! We worked on our house when I was pregnant with Madeline and it was totally doable 🙂

    Although, she turned four in February and her room wasn’t finished until this past October…

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