Remember the state of our windows? Dozens of layers of paint covering the whole rainbow and who-knows how many of these layers were lead? Well after a brief attempt to strip it ourselves last summer, we’ve finally gone ahead and brought it the pros. You can tell from these first 2 pictures that restoring these windows is no joke. The paint is a disaster but they’re also riddled with nails. Still, waste-not, want-not when it comes to beautiful historic wooden windows so we started by going to Graduate Custom Painting (they did our lead abatement and paint on the exterior) for a 1 window trial.







What a difference eh? I was so impressed by how smooth and uniform they were able to get it. They’ve currently got 5 more windows to finish off on the upstairs back-unit. For now we’re having them leave the vinyl windows alone and we’ll replace those to match at some later point down the road (we’re on a bit of a time crunch that we’ll get into in another post coming soon). So right now our plan is get the upstairs windows into shape and move upstairs so they can do the downstairs. We’re going to wait until MK moves out to do the front upstairs unit since it would be super inconvenient for her to be boarded up for a month!

PS- anyone want a free fridge? The one shown in the picture above is available, I just need to get it up on the free section of craigslist! Also, the kitchen cabinets and oven which are in decent shape for a rental.

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