Spring has sprung in downtown Durham and we couldn’t be more excited for it! We’re still trying to beat the back yard into submission and Chris can be found out back with his axe on any given weekend. You’ll notice from the 2nd picture that we haven’t removed anything he’s chopped down, one of these days we’ll have to borrow my Dad’s truck and take a few trips to the dump.

Mary Kyle’s parents visited and brought us some hydrangeas which are loving the “April showers” we’ve been seeing. Otherwise we haven’t improved the yard much, we’ve put down some new mulch but we’re mostly just trying to maintain what we have.

However, the real motivation of spring are the changes going on around us! All the flowers are in bloom, there’s no end of renovation projects going on in the neighborhood, the weather is beautiful, and a doughnut shop AND an ice cream parlor opened up within walking distance. It’s enough to make us smile and feel endlessly optimistic about our choice to invest in this old house and neighborhood.


photo-7 photo-8


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