Monthly Archives: July 2013

2 Year Anniversary Vacation


We’re up in Virginia celebrating our 2 year anniversary with a 4 night stay not dissimilar to our honeymoon. We spent Wednesday night in a bed and breakfast on the same street I lived on in Blacksburg, spent last night in Lexington, VA, and will head up to the Homestead tonight. So far it’s been perfectly chill and the weather has been semi-cooperative. We walked around VT yesterday and had lunch in town before heading up to Lexington via the Blue Ridge Parkway where we stopped and napped/read at an overlook. Lexington has a 4th of July/Air balloon festival which we walked to (by the way being 8 months pregnant has made 2 mile round trip walks seem like insurmountable challenges) and then came back to the B&B to watch a movie and laze. We have finally committed to never again choosing a random movie off Netflix but overall it was a really nice day.


Also, the “Durm.” shirt was my “cotton” anniversary gift from Chris. I’m planning to wear it everywhere.