2 Year Anniversary Pictures


It’s been our tradition for 4 years now to do a photoshoot every year. It started because our engagement pictures and our wedding pictures were a gimme and we’ve done them each summer since. The plan is to continue taking family pictures every summer so we can watch ourselves and our offspring grow. This year’s pictures double as a maternity shoot and we’re pretty thrilled with them.  Jessica Crawford took the pictures and while she hasn’t edited any of these yet we still love them. She’s also lined up to do Cheeper’s newborn shoot in September so stay tuned!


Unedited-22 Unedited-111 Unedited-126 Unedited-158 Unedited-162 Unedited-165 Unedited-176 Unedited-179 Unedited-181 Unedited-209 Unedited-215 Unedited-218 Unedited-234 Unedited-235 Unedited-240 Unedited-249

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