We tried to live with what we had in the upstairs bathroom but this last week it became super evident that that wasn’t going to work. The existing tub-to-shower converter was leaking out of every orifice and as a result had about as much water pressure coming out of the shower head as a squirt gun (and not a fancy high powered one).  We still need to buy a fixture for the overflow drain, but in the meantime we have water pressure, hot and cold water, and no leaks! Hurrah for Chris!

photo (8)photo (9) photo (7)

Chris was careful to check each piece for leaks as he went. Also, we think what may have killed the previous fixture (besides it being a fairly shoddy piece of hardware) was the lack of support. It came up from the faucet and had a single chain connecting the frame to the ceiling. The new kit is connected in 2 places with pipe and Chris added a third support as well.

photo (10) photo (11) photo (12) photo (13)

Oh the luxury.


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