Day 3


Day 3, technically her 4th day, and her second full day home.  Her Grandpa Keith came to visit and the day was spent napping, eating, and pooping, as were the days proceeding and following it.

On day 2, our first full day home we went to the pediatrician and everything was looking healthy and good. We made an appointment for Thursday (which we went to this morning) to make sure her weight was on the upswing after the initial weight loss following birth. She isn’t quite at her birth weight yet but she’s gaining at twice the expected rate! I knew those cheeks couldn’t be for nothing and that we’d make a complete chubster out of her yet!


Oh and while at our Tuesday pediatrician appointment she baptized Chris by peeing all over him while her diaper was off for weighing. This led to some confusion which resulted in the nurse throwing away her dress and causing Chris and I to question just how sleep deprived we were when it was time to go and we weren’t sure whether we’d brought her naked pr clothed. We both insisted she’d been dressed but the evidence was against us until we did a particularly deep root through the trash.


IMG_9887_CR2_embedded IMG_9901_CR2_embedded IMG_9907_CR2_embedded IMG_9915_CR2_embedded IMG_9916_CR2_embedded

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