Newborn Photoshoot Sept 13th


These pictures are by Jessica Crawford and have not been edited yet. We really love them though. Chris didn’t get around to shaving for the pictures and I didn’t get around to showering but Helen Jeanette was bathed and dressed to the nines. She was the talent of course so this was completely appropriate.


A lot of valuable things in life are costly and difficult to obtain. Precious stones come from mines where there are dangerous gases and chances for a cave in, people dive for pearls at dangerous depths, and sleeping newborn pictures are obtained by letting the baby go without her diaper for hours at a time. She was able to poop all over several blankets, in one of the props, and all over me. Once again, she was the talent so we had to put up with it. I’ve heard of movie stars with more erratic behavior on set.

unedited-173-M unedited-161-M unedited-155-M unedited-145-M unedited-137-M unedited-131-M  unedited-118-M unedited-108-M unedited-94-M unedited-74-M unedited-67-M unedited-59-M unedited-52 unedited-49-Ti unedited-38-M unedited-23-M unedited-2-M

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  1. This is what I’ve been waiting for! These are adorable. She’s so beautiful and her big cheeks and funny little mouth are pure baby Jessica! I love the one where she’s looking at you like she thinks you’re insane.

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