Happy 4 Months!


Helen Jeanette is 4 months old today! Here are the milestones:

*Today she weighs 15 lbs 3 oz (she was 7 lbs 15 oz at birth so she’s getting close to doubling her birth weight!) This is the 69th percentile.

*She is 25″ long, 58th percentile

*Her head size is in the 86th percentile!

*Today at 4 months old she wore her first disposable diaper (and her second and her third)! The pipes to our washer and downstairs shower froze night before last and having easy access to laundry is a crucial part of cloth diapering. I’m pretty proud of us for our 4 month streak though. Hopefully we can continue with the cloth soon- and hopefully our crawlspace won’t be flooded.

*She received 2 jumperoos yesterday as belated Christmas presents and she loves to jump! She’s also mastered the art of spinning the toys with beads in them so they make noises.

*She is fascinated by food and cannot wait to start eating. She’s been taking little sips of water from our cups and every time we try to take a sip she flails, leans toward it, and makes little grunting noises.

*She’s either waking up once in the night or sleeping through (roughly 8 pm to 6 am). Christmas vacation was R-O-U-G-H from a sleep standpoint but we got through with lots of family to babysit and many nap opportunities. Hopefully it was just the unfamiliar environment and not a sleep regression she’s planning to repeat.

*She’s rolling a little more consistently now belly-to-back and she’s mastered the back-to-side roll but hasn’t quite managed to complete the roll. She’s loving tummy time these days.

*She loves to smile and has the sweetest laugh, everywhere we go people comment on how alert she is (including her doctor today!) and we think she’s the smartest little thing.

*She’s still spitting up a lot and I’m a little worried about introducing solid food and finding all my clothing stained beyond recognition.

*She’s learning spanish from her new nanny, Silvia. Helen Jeanette is smitten with Ms. Silvia and I don’t blame her- she’s awesome.

We are completely in love with our little 4 month old darling! It’s already hard to imagine life without her but at the same time it seems like just yesterday that I was pregnant and trying to guess when she would come!

I should have a really cute picture of her today but my phone is still out of commission and I didn’t take any camera pictures, and so I leave you with a picture Chris sent me of them at the doctor’s office. She’s super cool and she knows it.IMG_20140108_093018

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  1. If you need to wash, send me an email. The cycle is a little long, but you’re welcome to use it.
    Madeline was cloth diapered and I remember the time when our washer broke.

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