9 months old!


Before I forget I need to post about Helen Jeanette at 9 months!


She doesn’t go to the doctor until the end of the month so I don’t have any stats, but at 9 months she:


Is crawling everywhere!

Is standing up a lot! She can stand for a minute or more without support and she loves to. She doesn’t seem to want to walk though, unless she’s supported by a table. She will try to reach to get from table to table but if it’s too far she’ll drop to her knees and take a couple crawl steps before pulling back up.

She has no teeth! Although she’s been doing a lot of night wakings and we think they may be coming.

She’s really exploring the world of food and has yet to turn anything down, although somethings give her a very peculiar look while she eats. Watermelon for instance gives her this face that says “This is completely disgusting” while she’s chewing, but as soon as she swallows she smiles and opens her mouth for more!

She says “Mama” and “Dadda” or “Dadee” a lot but so far we haven’t been able to definitely say that she’s directed them at one of us. She did stand up and look right at me the other day and said “Mama” but it still could have been a coincidence because she hasn’t done it again. Her other favorite thing to babble is “Babababa”.

She’s gotten a little clingy to Mommy, and is starting to really like sitting on my lap and reading books. Right after a nap she might be cuddly enough to sit through 4-5 books before she wants to get down and move.

She doesn’t appear to be showing any stranger anxiety and she is at her best and brightest when she’s being adored by lots of people. When I take her out I can see her watching people and sometimes she seems confused when people don’t look/wave/smile back at her.

She loves babies, kids, dogs, and cats and she just lights up when she sees them!

These pictures are from last weekend at Chris’s cousin Angie’s wedding in Ohio. She did a great job on the 16 hour round-trip car ride, but we made a lot of stops!IMG_1570 IMG_1571 IMG_1542 IMG_1540 IMG_1533 IMG_1530


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