9 month stats!


Now that we’re actually closer to 10 months we finally had our 9 month appointment and I can share Helen Jeanette’s stats!


She is 28″ inches exactly (52%) and weights 18 lb 10.6 oz (53%) and she continues to rock out the 18.11″ head circumference (92%!).

She has one tooth that finally just broke through after 2 weeks of struggle. We first noticed (Uncle Daniel noticed first) Friday June 13th and it finally emerged yesterday.


Last night she was building with mega blocks! I uploaded a not-that-clear video to facebook but really it was amazing. She will try kind of clumsily but it only takes her a couple tries to get them to nest. I’m prouder then is reasonable.


She’s growling like a lion when she sees pictures of lions, tigers, bears and sometimes with no trigger at all. She’s definitely making the association though because today she was quietly listening to her baby Bible but as soon as we got to the page with Daniel in the lion’s den she starting growling.

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