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Edited Newborn Pictures




Well this is very late since Helen Jeanette is about to be 11 months old, and she is only 4 days old in these pictures, but better late then never! I never got around to pick my favorites to be edited so when we set up our anniversary shoot I asked Jessica Crawford to go ahead and pick her favorites for editing. I can’t believe our big light-haired girl used to be so little and dark!

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Picture Backlog


Here are some photos I owed the world!


Helen Jeanette and Oma Leni playing with Helen Jeanette’s new doll. She is all about dolls right now and is very sweet when she cuddles them.IMG_1672In David playing with Auntie’s stuffed tiger. She’s still super into growling so any animal that growls is a lot of fun.


Wearing her special fourth of July dress that Oma made!IMG_1648

Brittany Christian got married! We had a really good time at the wedding, and they had a send off involving light sabers, so clearly it was a great evening!IMG_1628IMG_1622IMG_1623

Three year anniversary photos


Every year since we were engaged we’ve gotten professional pictures taken on or around our anniversary. It was just too easy to continue since we had engagement pictures and wedding pictures taken back to back years. With the exception of our 1 year photos (where we went a little more budget then I wish we had) we’ve been so happy with our pictures every year. This year Jessica Crawford took our photos again (she did last year’s and Helen Jeanette’s newborn pictures). I picked out the top 25 and she will edit them for us. In the meantime I’ve picked out my second favorites to share here unedited. So if you look at one that’s super cute there’s probably one similar that is even cuter that I’ll be sharing soon!


Helen Jeanette did decide this would be a great opportunity to blow unlimited raspberries, so there’s a little more tongue and drool in these pictures then usual! Chris and Helen Jeanette Smiling Chris and Helen Jeanette Standing Chris and Helen Jeanette Throwing Helen Jeanette bench Helen Jeanette Chair tongue Helen Jeanette Chair Helen Jeanette drool fountain Helen Jeanette field tongue Helen Jeanette Flower Helen Jeanette fountain Helen Jeanette Suitcase Jessica and Helen Jeanette Clapping Jessica and Helen Jeanette Fountain Jessica and Helen Jeanette Kissing Jessica and Helen Jeanette Lying Whole Family Flowers Whole Family Flying Whole Family Walking