Edited Newborn Pictures




Well this is very late since Helen Jeanette is about to be 11 months old, and she is only 4 days old in these pictures, but better late then never! I never got around to pick my favorites to be edited so when we set up our anniversary shoot I asked Jessica Crawford to go ahead and pick her favorites for editing. I can’t believe our big light-haired girl used to be so little and dark!

B38A5276 B38A5276bw B38A5288 B38A5288bw B38A5291 B38A5291bw B38A5298 B38A5298bw B38A5301 B38A5301bw B38A5306 B38A5306bw B38A5309 B38A5309bw B38A5317 B38A5317bw B38A5324 B38A5324bw B38A5331 B38A5331bw B38A5335 B38A5335bw B38A5347 B38A5347bw B38A5357 B38A5357bw B38A5365 B38A5365bw B38A5376 B38A5376bw B38A5382 B38A5382vin B38A5382vinbw B38A5388 B38A5388bw B38A5389 B38A5389bw B38A5393 B38A5393bw B38A5395 B38A5395bw B38A5404 B38A5404bw B38A5407 B38A5407bw B38A5431 B38A5431bw B38A5445 B38A5445bw B38A5449 B38A5449bw

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