Our 3 year anniversary shoot-edited


A little while ago I posted my second favorite shots from our anniversary shoot and I just got back the edited version of my #1 favorites! There’s going to be a second post with the rest, enjoy!


B38A6548-Edit-Edit B38A6548-Edit-Editbw B38A6551-Edit-Edit B38A6551-Edit-Editbw B38A6553-Edit-Edit B38A6553-Edit-Editbw B38A6558-Edit-Edit B38A6558-Edit-Editbw B38A6572-Edit-Edit B38A6572-Edit-Editbw B38A6573-Edit-Edit B38A6573-Edit-Editbw B38A6577-Edit-Edit B38A6577-Edit-Editbw B38A6581-Edit-Edit B38A6581-Edit-Editbw B38A6583-Edit-Edit B38A6583-Edit-Editbw B38A6591-Edit-Edit B38A6591-Edit-Editbw B38A6596-Edit-Edit

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