I have always been a summer girl but since getting pregnant with Helen Jeanette I’ve found myself much more appreciative of cool spring mornings and crisp autumn days. I think it would take more then an extra 40 pounds or so to make me a winter person, but that day may come. Last year I don’t even remember being aware of the fall season since I was 100% immersed in life with a new born, but this year I’ve been very excited about fall. Chris is going to be traveling to Germany soon and will miss 2 weekends out of October in Durham so we decided to pack in a visit to our local pumpkin farm this afternoon. We didn’t quite get the beautiful pumpkin patch pictures I had hoped for but we had a good time and I’m happy with the pictures we got!

The pictures of her in her halloween dress were taken at the house the other day. My mom made this dress for one of my cousins and now it has been handed down to Helen Jeanette.

IMG_1872 IMG_1871 IMG_1867 IMG_1865 IMG_1859 IMG_1855 IMG_1851 IMG_1843 IMG_1838 IMG_1835 IMG_1826 IMG_1820


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