First 3 days



There are several things I had forgotten about the newborn stage.

1) How long it takes to breastfeed a new born. I feel like I’m not doing anything else. A good session can easily take an hour with burping and diaper change and then he might want to eat again an hour after he finishes. So far his cluster feeds have been in the middle of the night which is not ideal, but hopefully tonight will be better.

2) How no matter how tired I am I need to decompress for a period anytime I lie down. Chris has a talent for falling asleep immediately and when he’s as tired as he has been the last couple days he can also sleep through a lot of noise. I am envious of this talent. It may work out though because Chris has his deepest sleeps in the early night hours and I have mine in the early morning hours, so he can generally let me sleep in.

3) How the first couple times when I’m in public without the baby it seems like people are being rude. In reality they’re just not going out of their way to be super helpful since I’m no longer pregnant. I’d gotten so used to pregnancy attention I forgot what it’s like to receive regular attention from strangers!

We’re still learning a lot about the differences parenting two babies (2 under 2!) but these are the things I had already known but forgotten. Possibly many more left to remember!




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