One week


Yesterday Killian was 1 week old and today marks 1 week since we brought him home. Today was also his due date and it’s kind of crazy to think I could still be pregnant right now and it wouldn’t even be much of a stretch!

This last week has been a bit of a blur and also really long at the same time. All 4 of us are trying to establish the new normal.

Helen Jeanette has been very positive towards Killian, smiling and saying ‘baby!’ every time she sees him. Just this morning she started calling him ‘Key’ which I love. Despite all this her little world has just been rocked and she’s definitely displaying some confusion and has been testing all the rules and throwing a lot of tantrums. We’ve been a little lax with things (such as how much juice she’s allowed, usually 1 juice box a week) but we’re trying to get back to a routine, even if it is a different one then before Killian. I’m optimistic that she will settle into life with a new brother and be happier then ever soon. She continues to be a sleeping champ and has only woken up in the night once since we brought Killian home, despite the fact that his crib is right on the other side of her wall.

Killian is a very sleepy and hungry baby. He loves to sleep on us during the day but at night he is happy to be swaddled and have a pacifier between feedings. When Helen Jeanette was his age she could go for 4-5 hour stretches at night but Killian wants to eat every 2.5 hours and he usually loses his pacifier and cries for it at least once between feedings. He’s a pro at generating laundry in the night (or day) by spitting up or peeing everywhere.

Chris was home for a week and spent a lot of time playing with Helen Jeanette and got a good amount of housework/cleaning/organizing/baby proofing done. He went back to work yesterday but he continues to get up a lot in the night to retrieve pacifiers or change diapers. He’s an incredibly supportive husband and father.

My recovery this time around has been slightly complicated by a uti and some intense engorgement. Neither of these are a big deal but they are very uncomfortable and led to several nights where I couldn’t sleep (in addition to night feedings). I took the weekend to try to beat the uti naturally, went to the doctor for antibiotics Tuesday, and am going back today for a shot since the antibiotics didn’t work. I’ve had someone home to help me every day and I’m trying to give Helen Jeanette the attention she craves but I’ve also spent a lot of time reading and cuddling/feeding Killian.

Overall things are going well and we are so excited and thankful to be a family of 4.


Helen Jeanette helping bathe Killian.

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