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The last few days in pictures


This last week was trying (that is a more polite way of saying it was a suck-fest). The stomach bug made it to the biggest 3 of us (hurrah for immunity from breast feeding!) and we were snowed in 2 days. Chris and Helen Jeanette were sick from Sunday late afternoon through Monday night with Chris still feeling weak on Tuesday. I had some queasiness in my stomach all day Wednesday but the naseae hit when I was standing in the line you see below. Fortunately I’ve recently spent 18 non-consecutive months fighting the urge to hurl in non-ideal places so we managed to get our groceries (only an hour and a half at the store!) and I held it in until we were in the car. Thank goodness my car is so messy and I had a Taco Bell cup to use! I continued to feel bad all Thursday but we were snowed in anyway. My grandparents are here from Texas so we are spending some time with them this weekend and hopefully next week will be warmer and sickness free!

Stomach bug


Well things have gotten pretty icky at the Covington household. Chris and Helen Jeanette came down with stomach bugs yesterday and are both still little sickies today. Killian had a well child appointment this morning and my mom was able to meet me there to watch Helen Jeanette and then come back to the house to let me nap for 2 hours which was a lifesaver. As I was walking up to the doctor Helen Jeanette threw up so I was standing holding her in a superman position while she threw up and sobbed and Killian was sitting in his car seat next to me, all this is the parking lot while it was lightly drizzling. A woman walking by asked if I needed help and my first thought was that I needed a lot more then she probably wanted to give.

I’m gearing up for another bad night and bracing myself since it’s so contagious that I’ll probably still come down with it. Here is a picture of Chris and Helen Jeanette at lunch yesterday- still feeling fine.


Here’s one of Killian- totally oblivious to the going ons around him. The doctor thinks he’ll be fine, even if I get it, if I just keeping nursing through.




My new rule is that if we don’t leave the house in a day Helen Jeanette may watch 1 episode of Elmo’s World in Spanish. She takes it very very seriously and will not smile or laugh during the whole show but she lights up like a Christmas tree when I ask her if she wants to watch Elmo. Here are some pictures of her watching today.