I have no pictures to go with this because they would not be appropriate.

I was sitting feeding Killian and my other breast was out of my shirt but covered with a nursing bra. Helen Jeanette came and folded down my bra and held her little stuffed bear to my breast while saying ‘mmmm’.

This made me so happy to have 2 little babies.

Later in this same (not particularly long) nursing session Helen Jeanette was climbing on her chair (I let her climb on the arms but not the back because of the fall possibility) and she fell and hit her head. I had to take Killian off and leave him fussing on the couch and cuddle Helen Jeanette. I cuddled her until she calmed down and was fine to walk off, but as soon as she saw me pick up Killian all the hardship and tears returned. This time she only got an offer to sit with us on the couch, which she adamantly refused.

This makes me less happy to have 2 little babies.

During this same nursing session (seriously we were still on the same boob) Helen Jeanette ran into her room and slammed the door. She then immediately started crying because she can’t get out.

Womp womp.

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