Monthly Archives: March 2015

18 month stats


Helen Jeanette (or Chunky McChunkerson) as I have started calling her, had her 18 month appointment today and everything is going great. She’s ahead developmentally on pretty much everything, even speech which I thought might be a little delayed. She has way more words then they look for but very few two word phrases, but evidently they only look for kids to have a couple at this point. I’ve definitely known more developed talkers at her age, but it’s good to know she’s still average/slightly above average. She still has fewer spanish words then english but there doesn’t appear to be any difference in her comprehension in the 2 languages, which is great!

She’s growing like a weed (hence her new nickname) and seems to be putting most of it in her round little tummy.

Height: 32.28″ (67 percentile)

Weight: 25 lb 2.1 oz (81 percentile)

Head Circumference: 19.29″ (98 percentile)

1 month Stats


It’s worth noting that Helen Jeanette had her 1 month appointment early because we were traveling to California. Her appointment was Sept 26th and she wasn’t 1 month until October 8th. Killian had his 1 month 2 days late. Also, the percentiles are from their own sex, so that’s why Helen Jeanette might be smaller but in a higher percentile.

Killian 1 month: Height: 20.87″ (15 percentile) Weight: 10 lb 3.7 oz (56 percentile) Head Circumference:15.35″ (91 percentile)

Helen Jeanette 1 month: Height: 20.47″ (54 percentile) Weight: 9 lb 4.3 oz (77 percentile)