Family Pictures!


It’s that time of year again! The time when we take our annual family pictures! We always do this in the summer sometime near our anniversary. We used again this year and were thrilled with the results! She hasn’t edited any for us yet, so this is just the first draft!family2010

2010- Engagement Picturesfamily2011

2011- Wedding pictures- first real family pictures!


2012- First anniversary, we look like such babies but we had just bought our first house!


2013-First pictures as a family of 3, Helen Jeanette was only weeks away from making her appearance!


2014- First pictures as a family of 4, although you can’t really tell and we hadn’t officially announced it at this point.


2015- First pictures of our family of 4 where we’re all showing our smiling faces! I love these pictures so much, they’re really the first family pictures we’ve taken where everyone is showing some personality! Helen Jeanette wasn’t in a cooperative mood (hint: she never is when it comes to pictures) but we still got some good ones! family2015-2 family2015-3 family2015-4 family2015-5 family2015-6 family2015-7 family2015-8 family2015-9 family2015-10 family2015-11 family2015-12 family2015-13 family2015-14 family2015-16 family2015-17 family2015-18 family2015-19 family2015-21 family2015-22 family2015-23 family2015-24

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